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Construction Management 

Our Construction Management department is eagerly awaiting to take on the overall planning, coordination, and control of your project, from the very beginning all the way to completion. Pinnacle Contracting, LLC meets our client's requirements by producing a functionally and financially achievable project.


Pinnacle Contracting, LLC has the expertise in all five sectors: residential, commercial, heavy civil, industrial, and environmental. We combine the three bid selection methods: low-bid, best-value, and qualification based selection, to provide the absolute best possible bids for you. There is no project too big or too small for the Pinnacle Contracting, LLC staff. We are here to make your day manageable.


We have experts in design, engineering, advertising, scheduling/ time management, cost management, bid preparation (including document preparation and review), bidder qualification reviews, safety monitoring, quality management, working drawings, mathematics, human resources, and overall construction project management skills.

  •  Engineering Consultation

  •  Pre-Construction Conference

  •  Drawing Review and Submittal Coordination

  •  Cost Reporting and Updates Throughout the entire Project Timeline

  •  Management of Construction Reports

  •  Project Scheduling and Time Management

  •  Certification of Final Quantities

  •  Daily Field Inspection

  •  Quality Assurance and Quality Control

  •  Project Documentation

  •  Progress Meetings

  •  Contract Compliance to all Plans and Specs

  •  As-Built Drawings/Maintaining Records

  •  Project Close-out, Including Documentation

  •  Safety Program

  •  Foresight project savings and cost management

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